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HAJRAS  means Haryana Anusuchit Jati Rajkiya Adhyapak Sang, It is registered under Societies Registration Act in 12- October 2006  and given a no.388. Since then it is playing an important  role in Haryana to provide a plateform for SC teachers and employees to take up their issues and rights in-service . HAJRAS established an organization set up in all blocks and districts bodies under the guidance of a 32 members statebody. It is growing fast and with a movement of awareness among the schedule castes societies. It has organized various programes such as annual conferences, seminars workshops,rallies, dharnas, fast strikes, and other agitational activities at blocks, districts, state and national levels. It is playing a significant role in influencing policies and decisions of state govt. regarding scheduled caste employees, teachers, students and unemployed youths. Now we are trying to publish various reports in folders, dairy, calanders on regular basis. HAJRAS established coordinations with other departments SC employees unions to fight for our rights and to strengthen our teachers, employees at a common plateform and enable them to fight for getting them in organised way in haryana as well as in India.   Read More

State Body List


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distict Body List

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